M-721630-C-ALU Mercury Quick-Change E-Plate Sterndrive Complete (Aluminum)


M-721630-C-ALU Mercury Quick-Change E-Plate Sterndrive Complete (Aluminum)

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  1. Mercruiser quick-change cavitation plate (E-Plate) complete
  2. Includes: M-721630-alu (Anode) and M-731630 (Adapter plate), two adapter plate mounting screws, and one screw to hold the anode on the adapter
  3. Simply slide over the adapter plate and tighten the retaining bolt
  4. Fits Mercruiser Bravo I, II, III, X, XR, XZ outdrives
SKU: M-721630-C-ALU
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Part No
Weight(lb) Style Thickness Width Length Metal
 M-721630-ALU  2.04 Quick Change  1/2″  4 1/4″  7 1/2″ Aluminum
 M-731630  N/A Quick Change  1/4″  1″  2 1/2″  N/A

Mercury Quick-Change E-Plate Complete Kit M-721630-C-ALU for Mercruiser Bravo Series Sterndrives

This aluminum Mercruiser quick-change E plate complete anode kit is designed for Mercruiser Bravo series sterndrives: Bravo 1 (1988 – Present) , Bravo 2 (1989 – Present), Bravo 3 (2004 – Present). This cavatation E-plate slides on easily and is attached via the M-731630-Alu Quick-Change Adapter Plate.  The Mercury Quick-Change Anode Kit comes in 2 parts: A powder-coated corrosion resistant adaptor plate and a high-quality pressure die-cast MIL-SPEC anode. Designed by divers and made in America, these anodes conform to Mil-Spec MIL-A-24779, providing the world’s best cathodic protection.