M-706190 Bravo Series Mercury Quick-Change Trim Anode (Zinc)


M-706190 Bravo Series Mercury Quick-Change Trim Anode (Zinc)

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Bravo Series Mercury Quick-Change I/O Trim Anode Only

  1. For Mercruiser Bravo Series Stern/Out-Drives
  2. One 10/32 X 3/8 Allen cap screw stainless steel fastens anode to the adapter plate(M-706188).
  3. Bravo 1 (1988-Present), Bravo 2 (1989-Present), Bravo 3 (2004-Present)
  4. Made in USA by Sea Shield Marine
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Part No Weight(lb) Style Thickness Diameter Holes Material
M-706190 0.456 Quick change 3/4″ 2-7/32″ 1ea. Zinc

Mercury Inboard/Outboard Hydraulic Lift Arm Anodes – Zinc

Alpha and Bravo zinc anodes mount on, and protect, the casing of the hydraulic rams that lift your outdrive out of the water.
They are notoriously difficult to install so Sea Shield Marine has re-designed them to be much easier to install than competing models.
No more hidden fasteners in hard-to-reach locations, these use a thin permanently installed aluminum mounting bracket/adapter plate, which bolts to the lift arm using the original hole pattern.
The replaceable zinc or aluminum anode then easily installs on the bracket with only a single, easily accessible allen-cap screw.
A clever mating design keeps the anode firmly in place, in spite of being held by just one fastener.
Good conductivity is ensured by an internal stainless steel insert, which also prevents stripping the threads when tightening.