These zinc propeller nut anodes conform to MIL-Spec MIL-A-18001 standards and are designed for cathodic protection in salt water. These replacement zinc anodes can easily be screwed to the shaft to replace prop nuts. Easy to install these prop nut anodes can be used on stern drives as well as outboards. All prop nuts have a die-cast-in stainless steel insert which provides for better bonding as well as significantly increasing the life of the propeller and shaft.

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    Prop Nut Replacement Anodes (Zinc)

    Prop Nut Anodes
    Prop Nut Anodes
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    Prop Nut Replacement Anodes (Zinc)

    Propeller Nut Zinc Replacement Anode

    • Stainless Steel inserts for longer life and improved bonding.
    • Precise fit over the corresponding bronze shaft nuts installed on the end of the propeller shaft.
    • Propeller Nut anodes also give additional protection to Stern Drives or Outboards.
    • Made in USA by Sea Shield Marine