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Hull Anodes

Our SeaShield Marine brand anodes offer excellent protection from galvanic corrosion for your metal hull boats. We carry a wide variety sacrificial anode plates and hull zincs.

Rudder Anodes

Rudder and trim tab anodes are a crucial part of any boater’s regular maintenance schedule. Our domed shaped rudder zincs offer superior protection with minimal drag.

Engine Anodes

Our sacrificial zinc & aluminum anodes for engines and on-board motors protect your boat’s most critical components. Our engine anodes protect your boat and protect your investment.

Stern Drive Anodes

Stern drive anodes protect your Mercruiser engines from galvanic corrosion. Our selection of stern drive anodes & kits are designed to offer excellent protection no matter the water type.

Shaft Anodes

Shaft anodes protect your propeller shaft from galvanic corrosion and should be checked frequently.  Our unmatched quality allows for easy underwater installation. We offer a variety of zinc & aluminum shaft anode collar sizes to meet any need.

Propeller Anodes

Propeller nut anodes protect your boat’s prop & the nuts that keep the propeller attached to the boat. Our wide selection of prop nut anodes in zinc & aluminum is sure to meet your needs.

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Welcome to Anode Shack, the internet’s trusted name for marine corrosion control products and home of the World’s Finest Zinc Anodes.

Made in the USA, our sacrificial anodes boast unmatched quality and ingenuity. All our Zinc Anodes are made to MIL-SPEC standards MIL-A-18001 and our Aluminum Anodes are pressure die-cast and engineered to MIL-A-24779 ensuring longevity and precision.

We carry Zinc Anodes, Aluminum Anodes, and magnesium anodes for any of your corrosion protection needs for Boats, Yachts, commercial vessels, and all types of pleasure crafts.

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