Volvo Penta Outdrive SX / DP-SM Anode Kit (Zinc)


Volvo Penta Outdrive SX / DP-SM Anode Kit (Zinc)

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Zinc Anode Kit for Volvo Penta SX and DP-SM Drives includes:

  1. V-3855411 Volvo Penta SX/DP-SM Outdrive Gearhouse Zinc Anode
  2. V-3854130 Volvo Penta SX/DP-SM Outdrive Transom Shield Zinc Anode
  3. Mounting Screws Included
  4. Made in USA by Sea Shield Marine
SKU: Volvo-SX-DP-SM-Kit
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Volvo Penta Anode/SX Drive Zinc Anode kit

Contains both SX/DP-S and 280-290. Made for Volvo Penta Outdrives. Engine-specific shape and sizing ensure the perfect fit. Protect your small pleasurecraft with these anodes.

Quick and easy installation. Designed by divers and made in America, these anodes conform to Mil-Spec MIL-A-18001, providing the world’s best cathodic protection for your Volvo outdrives.