ZHC-16 Zinc Bolt On Anode


ZHC-16 Zinc Bolt On Anode

$170.76 $110.30

ZHC-16 Zinc Bolt On Anode – (6″ X 12″)

  1. Made for Sunseekers, Viking and Sea Lion Boats
  2. Manufactured to the highest Mil-Spec standards
  3. Cathodic Protection in salt water
  4. Easy underwater installation
  5. Made in USA by Sea Shield Marine
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ZHC-16 Zinc Bolt On Anode – (6″ X 12″)

These Zinc Bolt On Anodes have a galvanized steel core for long life, better bonding, and superior grounding.

Our Zinc Bolt On Anodes are slotted for easy install on a variety of mounting configurations. 5/8″ Slotted holes on 9″ Centers

Zinc Bolt On Anodes also provide excellent protection to the hulls of metal boats.

Designed by divers and made in America, these anodes conform to Mil-Spec MIL-A-18001, providing the worlds best protection.

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