Aluminum Collar Anode – 3/4″ Shaft


Aluminum Collar Anode – 3/4″ Shaft

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Aluminum Collar Shaft Anode 3/4″

  1. Deep slotted stainless steel machine screw for maximum torque.
  2. Diecast to highest Mil-Spec standards
  3. Protection in brackish and salt water
  4. Easy installation (designed by divers)
  5. Made in USA
SKU: SL-0750-ALU
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Aluminum Collar Anode – 3/4″ Shaft

This Streamline Collar Shaft Anode is made with aluminum alloy which is specially designed for cathodic protection use in either brackish or salt water.

Being more economical than the zinc anode counterpart it lasts longer and is safer for the environment.

Streamline Collars are the best choice when it comes to propeller shaft protection and the oval shape minimizes turbulence and drag.

Designed by divers for divers, these anodes conform to Mil-Spec MIL-A-24779 with precise sizing and maximum contact to the shaft, providing the world’s best protection.

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