Aluminum Side-Power Bow Thruster Anode 31180-ALU


Aluminum Side-Power Bow Thruster Anode 31180-ALU

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  • Fits models SP30S, SP35S, SP40S, SE30, SE40 SE30, SE40, SE50
  • Weight – 0.05 lbs
  • Length – 1/2″
  • Outside Diameter – 15/16″
  • Stainless steel insert for longer life and improved bonding.
SKU: 3-1180-ALU
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Aluminum Side Power Bow Thruster Anode 31180-ALU

Can be mounted above or below water.
Superior cathodic protection for the propeller on your sailboat.
These marine anodes are designed by divers and manufactured by Sea Shield Marine, these anodes conform to Mil-Spec MIL-A-18001, providing the world’s best cathodic protection.

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Weight 0.05 lbs

Outside Diameter